Ferrovia: Crisp red variety. Large tree with horizontal branches. Moderate to high

productivity. Very large-sized, heart-shaped fruit. Ripening time 11 days after the B.Burlat

(mid-season). The first years of the sapling's growth in the orchard, variegation and

discolouration appears mostly in the lower and inner-crown leaves. These might look like

symptoms of a virus attack, but they are in fact characteristics of the variety and disappear

with the passage of years. Pollenizers: Sunburst, Van and Lapins.









Skeena: Self-pollinating. Ripening time 22 days after the B.Burlat (late). Large-sized fruit

variety. The tree has wide, vigorous, horizontal branches. Very large-sized, reniform,

light red fruit. Very crisp flesh, moderately resistant to rain damage. Medium-length stem.

Moderately to extremely sensitive to the monilinia fungus. Its yield is consistently and

regularly distributed with focused harvesting (one hand).










Lapins: Self-pollinating variety. Productive tree with vertical branches. Very large-sized,

heart-shaped, crisp, red fruit. Shiny skin, sweet red flesh, highly resistant with very good

flavour characteristics. Sensitive to monilia. Moderately long stem that requires force to

separate from the fruit. Due to its high productivity, it must be carefully pruned to maintain

the size and quality of the fruit. Ripening time 9 days after the B.Burlat (mid-season).

When it crops excessively, the quality of the fruit is unsatisfying. Grows well at an altitude

higher than 400 m. and requires rigorous pruning. Weak stem, predisposition, to the

physiological disorder deep suture and small-sized fruit when the fruit setting is excessive.



Sunburst: Moderately crisp, red variety. Medium-sized tree with vertical branches.

Highly productive. Very large-sized, spherical-shaped fruit weighing more than 8 grams.

Ripening time 8-9 days after the B.Burlat (mid-season). The fruit softens quickly when fully

ripe, so harvesting must be completed by that stage. Self-pollinating.


Germersdorfer: Crisp, red variety. Large-sized tree with vertical branches. Moderately

productive. Very large-sized, heart-shaped fruit. Ripening time 20 days after the B.Burlat

(late). Pollenizers: Edessa Crisp, Bakirtzeika, Hedelfinger, Techlo 2.



Vasiliadi: Moderately crisp, red variety, mid-late ripening time. Large-sized tree with

vertical branches. Extremely sensitive to spring frost. Very large-sized, reniform fruit with

mahogany-coloured skin. Pink flesh, mildly sweet and flavourful. Ripens at the end

of May, 8 days after the B.Burlat and 11 days before the Edessa Crisp. Relatively resistant

to rain damage. Pollenizers: Edessa Crisp, Bakirtzeika, Ferrovia and Germersdorfer.




Bakirtzeika: Crisp red variety. Very productive, large-sized tree with vertical branches.

Large-sized, heart-shaped, flat fruit. Ripens almost simultaneously with the Edessa Crisp.

Ripening time 22-24 days after the B.Burlat (late). Has a sharp sweet-sour flavour that is not

popular in the greek market. It is nevertheless a variety of good quality appreciated by the 

consumers of Nothern Europe where it is exported. Self-sterile variety. The following

varieties are considered good pollenizers: Edessa Crisp, Van, Germersdorfer and



Regina: Τραγανή ποικιλία. Δένδρο ημιορθόκλαδο με όψιμη άνθηση.

Παραγωγικότητα πολύ καλή. Ο καρπός είναι καρδιόσχημος και έχει

χρώμα μαονιού με μέτριο προς μεγάλο μέγεθος. Αντοχή στο σκάσιμο μέτρια

και ζωηρότητα μέτρια - μεγάλη. Ωριμάζει 17 ημέρες μετά την B.Burlat και

έχει ανάγκη επικονιαστή. Επικονιαστές: Ferrovia, Kordia, Cristalina, Sam και 



Kordia: Τραγανή ποικιλία με μεσοόψιμη άνθιση. Πλαγιόκλαδο δένδρο με μέτρια - μεγάλη

ζωηρότητα. Καρπός καρδιόσχημος με μέγεθος πολύ μεγάλο μεγαλύτερο των 10 γρ. και

χρώμα μαονιού. Η παραγωγικότητα είναι πολύ καλή. Αντοχή στο σκάσιμο μέτρια.

Η ωρίμανση γίνεται 15 ημέρες μετά την B.Burlat και έχει ανάγκη επικονιαστή.

Επικονιαστές: Ferrovia, Regina, Cristalina, Hedelfinger, Van.